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Kids recreate Top Gun to dispel Hollywood stereotypes and champion greater diversity in the industry

New easyJet recruitment campaign sees children recreate scenes from classic 80’s film Top Gun in a bid to dispel stereotypes around aviation jobs.

The parody promo aims to tackle prevailing gender stereotypes of pilots – with lead roles Maverick and Goose played by seven year-old Rei Diec and nine year-old Olivia Joohee-Ridington.

With still around only 6% of pilots worldwide being women, the airline remains focused on encouraging more girls to become pilots.

Research by the airline reveals 80% of Brits believe Hollywood still perpetuates gender stereotypes, impacting career choices from a young ageIn the 21st century only one of the Top 10 grossing aviation films has a woman in a leading role, while female protagonists in Hollywood films fell from 38% in 2020 to 35% in 2021*

The campaign is part of the airline’s nextGen easyJet commitment to championing greater diversity and inclusivity.

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