As a small business, Sunways is committed to its staff, the local community and our responsibilities to both the local and global environment.

Our Work In The Community

Involvement in the local community is of paramount importance to Sunways. We consider ourselves to be our community’s Travel Agent, and are committed to businesses in the local area.

With this in mind, one of the initiatives we have set up is our walk-in service. We encourage the staff of all businesses in the local area to seek the advice of our exceptionally knowledgeable agents, free of charge, when planning their holidays with the retail team. This is regardless of whether they book with Sunways.

In addition, we believe that investing in the local community is not just something we choose but is an important part of our business. Local businesses and communities are closely linked and play an important part in our business. We also work closely with local charities and those of our clients’ and regularly donate holiday vouchers for prize-giving raffles and fun days. By supporting our clients in their businesses, we believe we are in turn benefitting the wider community.

Finally, Sunways actively encourages staff to contribute to their local community. With this in mind, many of the team at Sunways undertake voluntary roles for the benefit of their local communities from running local groups to local sports groups.

Our Environmental Policy

Our objective is to ensure that Sunways has minimal impact on the local environment and that our clients and suppliers do likewise.

Having conducted a recent review of our business’ potential impact on the local environment, we concluded that natural resources was the most significant area to consider.

Sunways recognises that natural resource usage includes power, water, and consumables including IT equipment, paper, and more. Our impact on the environment comes from:

  • Waste – Paper, plastics and other consumables
  • Water – in the office for a variety of usages
  • Resources including paper
  • Electricity and Gas for heating, light etc

Our Objectives:

  • To educate our clients on Carbon footprint which we do through investment in technology systems highlighting this area in reporting
  • To offer sustainable options in our leisure environment which our team have access to through ABTA’s Travelife partner programme
  • To aim for a paper-free environment
  • Reduce our resource consumption
  • Evaluate energy usage to consider low energy options
  • Use Recycled paper or FSC where possible
  • Encourage our staff and suppliers to consider the environment in their working day.



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