Locate your travellers and assess location risk



A Duty-of-Care Solution
For today’s world

Imagine a duty-of-care system that truly delivers on the needs of your company. An intuitive user interface containing all traveller locations, up to date risk information, country level health updates and real-time security alerts.

In Geo you can view all of your travellers’ current locations and future travel plans in one place, or provide your team with access so that they can do just the same on demand.

The platform updates every traveller’s location via the passive tracking of itinerary data, linking events from every trip to create historic and future timelines.

Itinerary Tracking
Unintrusive and reliable

Geo provides you with real-time updates of traveller locations based on the passive tracking of their itinerary data.

Geo can also tell you if travellers are on the move and passing through a region, or whether they have arrived at their final destination.

Understanding where your travellers are meant to be, without the need for expensive and intrusive GPS tracking, is a crucial part of a fully realised duty-of-care policy and will help you make better travel related decisions.

Security & Risk Data
Real-time on-demand

Understanding the risks associated with a destination is the primary reason why corporations deploy a duty-of-care policy.

In partnership with Travelogix and Safeture, Geo delivers real-time security alerts and detailed map-overlays highlighting risks, incidents and global health concerns, such as Covid-19, for every country worldwide.

Geo provides on-demand access to all destination information relevant to you, your travellers and their trip, resulting in better informed and more assured travellers.

Integrated Contact Details
For when it matters most

Geo delivers both itinerary data and contact details all in one place.

Efficiencies are key when it comes to duty-of-care, and Geo has all the detail you need to efficiently manage a crisis. Working within a slick and accurate platform will save you time sourcing the information that is relevant when it matters most.

Travel Manager Facing
A single command centre

In Geo, we have developed a platform that will be central to the Travel Manager.

A crucial platform that will form the basis of any duty-of-care led travel management programme, Geo is intuitive whilst being specifically designed for companies to provide the ‘arm around the shoulder’ that travellers deserve. 

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